596: Competition for the Labor Market


It has suddenly occurred to me that employers who are seeking employees are in competition with the Federal Government for those workers.

The employers have to be attractive enough with both the work AND the wages to offset the other option offered by the Federal Government: being able to sit on your butt pretty much 24/7, take benefits, and procreate for a living.

And it appears that the employers are losing the battle.


48: SEX

Why is sex such an important thing? It is disgustingly commonplace, really – why is so much importance attached to it? Really, think about it. Even slugs know how to do it – why do such advanced creatures as humans get all excited about it? It is a little bit like proving that you can eat cake, or that you can stand on your head – -it is NOT that difficult a thing to do, really. REALLY.

Is it because it leads to procreation? Is that what the fuss is all about? C’mon. Now it gets silly! Cats and dogs have whole LITTERS of offspring at a time. We generally just have one. So what’s the big deal? Is it because we take so long to accomplish the feat? Elephants and even DONKEYS take longer to have a baby than humans do – so what’s the fuss about that?

Honestly, I don’t get it. You can have more fun on a roller coaster ride, and you can do that over and over and over again, one right after the other. Sex does not work that way. After a VERY short time, you need eight hours of sleep. REALLY. What’s so fun about THAT?

Teenagers – face it. You are a slave to your hormones. Having had all of my hormore aparatus removed for over a year now, I can honestly say that many of my life decisions were hormone-controlled, even though I thought I was a logical, rational human being. ROT. All of it was hormones.  Life is much more sane when you are in control of your hormones, and not the other way ’round. I would not go back if someone offered me megabucks. Wait. Maybe I would, but only if I could take my current knowledge with me, AND get the megabucks, too. And as long as we are wishing on fairy tales, I’d like to meet my SECOND husband before I met my FIRST husband, this time.  Seriously. Wait. Maybe I’d rather not meet either of them – maybe I’d rather be single? Nah – having a best friend is too important.

A monumental thought – is THAT what the sex thing is all about? Having your very own best friend for life partner? Hey – NOW it is all beginning to make some sense!