640: Logic

Colorado has legalized marijuana. You can get it, it is regulated, and it isn’t against the law to have it. Like a right. Some people there, however, are choosing to misuse it and drive while under its influence. People are getting killed from this wrongdoing, because driving while under the influence has always been illegal.


But nobody is calling to have the law repealed to make marijuana illegal again, because it helps sick people, and not everyone misuses it. Still, people are dying because of those who get it legally, and misuse it.

Scotus Guns

America has legal private gun ownership. You can get them, they are regulated, and it isn’t against the law to have them. Like a right. Some people, however, are choosing to misuse them and murder innocent people with them. People are getting killed from this wrongdoing, because murder has always been illegal.

But everyone (seemingly) is calling to have the law repealed to make gun ownership illegal, even though they help people and not everyone misuses them. Still, people are dying because of those who get them legally (and illegally), and misuse them.

See how that works?


636: Don’t


Don’t speak to me of problems – I live them daily.

Possibilities are what I need to hear.

Don’t talk about frustrations – work to solve them

Create a possible solution, and try it on for size.

Don’t tell me what’s wrong.

Show me instead what is right.

And if you can’t do that….just don’t.

I’ve got all I can handle already.

592: YOUR problem, not mine

I cannot help the way you choose to think of me. I am sure what you think, you believe is accurate, and it is – from your point of view. Problem is, that isn’t necessarily an accurate location from which to view these events.

Try putting yourself into my shoes for a minute – the person who cared for you much more than you cared in return, and who still cares more for you than you care in return.

I cannot help your views. But I do not have to hang around while you figure out how limited your views are. It’s probably going to take quite some time, and I am not holding my breath on you getting any smarter anytime soon.

Your loss – and by extension – also mine. That’s the sad part – what you deny us both by continuing to believe you are always right.

I already know neither of us is that, and won’t ever, ever be that. You, however, have a lot of learning yet to accomplish, and I am not holding school for you any longer.

You will have to finish growing up all by yourself. If you can.


554: Funny

It is funny how most outspoken people are convinced of the rightness of their views. Those who are less outspoken generally are more willing to consider someone else’s point of view instead of being so busy proclaiming their own. People who see only the rightness of their own views are tiring people. They do not allow for different circumstances, or different experiences in their view of the way the world should be. This is not an indictment of liberals or conservatives, Americans or any other nationalities, religious/spiritual/non-spiritual people, environmentalists or hunters, pro-choice or pro-life, or any other of the labels that serve mightily to divide people and stratify humanity on the side of one fence or the other.

It’s funny how every single person has things, issues, behaviors, and actions that they consider to be right, wrong, and proper, or socially acceptable. And in holding those views, often we slight someone else who has different circumstances, and/or different experiences that have shaped THEIR right, wrong, and proper.

It is funny how even within a single country, a single state, or a single town, there are different sorts of people, from various backgrounds, with different life experiences. Factor in different countries, different cultures, different languages, and all those other differences that make up the people living today, and you can begin to understand why one view of right, wrong, and proper does not fit everyone.

Yes, I have some views of what is right and what is wrong. And I try hard to live my life in accordance with those views. But I can live peaceably among people who do not share my views, my precious views, those things I consider right and wrong. It is possible.

It is funny how that is actually possible. The sad part is how few are willing to try doing just that.

437: How Your Garden Grows

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A garden is a good place to meet both yourself and God.

You meet yourself as you pull weeds on your knees

and God as you discuss with Him what went right,

and what went wrong,

and how you might can do better next time.

Weeds start out small and insignificant

and are easily pulled out by the roots, but

give them a week, unchecked,

and they turn into monsters that uproot the good stuff, too.

Don’t wait to address a problem that is still small

because it won’t stay small long.

The garden, and God,

taught me that truth.