626: Trying: better than NOT trying


I never considered the difference between moving on and moving forward, and it is, indeed, a profound difference!

Reminds me of the difference between ignorance and stupidity. Ignorance is how we all start, and it is fixed with education and experience. Stupidity is a choice.

There’s also a difference also between living (existing) and trying. I am trying. That means I expend effort in doing, striving, reaching, creating, fixing, repairing, expanding – and not JUST my waistline.  🙂

How about you?


514: Icarus

Desire, heat, bright and beckoning,

my goal, my paradise, my home.

Striving, straining, struggling, reaching:

faltering, failing, falling –

pain and destruction. Anger.

Bitter ashes.

Time and healing, forgiveness.

Resurrection of hope – looking skywards once more.

New wings; better, stronger than before.

New hope, and new desire; better, stronger than before.

Flying ever higher, higher, higher…………

Touching the face of God.


I made it