599: Criticism and Karma

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You know, I got a lot of chiding when your candidate was ruling the free world, and my posts and comments expressed my personal dissatisfaction with his methods and morals. I recall being labeled “petty,” and “vindictive,” and “patently and obviously unfair and biased.”

The shoe is on the other foot, now. What are you posting, that you derided me for posting? And what have I NOT had to say to you about it?

I’m going to just leave this here, for those who are able to think, and those who understand the definition of irony, and those who might comprehend when someone else has taken the higher road.

And that won’t be very many peeps, now, will it?



592: YOUR problem, not mine

I cannot help the way you choose to think of me. I am sure what you think, you believe is accurate, and it is – from your point of view. Problem is, that isn’t necessarily an accurate location from which to view these events.

Try putting yourself into my shoes for a minute – the person who cared for you much more than you cared in return, and who still cares more for you than you care in return.

I cannot help your views. But I do not have to hang around while you figure out how limited your views are. It’s probably going to take quite some time, and I am not holding my breath on you getting any smarter anytime soon.

Your loss – and by extension – also mine. That’s the sad part – what you deny us both by continuing to believe you are always right.

I already know neither of us is that, and won’t ever, ever be that. You, however, have a lot of learning yet to accomplish, and I am not holding school for you any longer.

You will have to finish growing up all by yourself. If you can.


494: Cultural Clash


My expectations.

Your expectations.

Things that are done this way, or that way, just because they always have been.

Conscious living

is thinking about why I do what I do the way that I do it,

and why your way is different.

Not always better, not always worse,  but different.

Sometimes when we think it through, yours is better.

Sometimes, mine.

Sometimes, we choose different.

And sometimes, that’s really, really good.

476: MAKE Me


You make me.

You make me improve. I want to be better when I am with you. I want to be worthy of you, and I want you to enjoy being with the person that I am too.

You make me live. I like doing things because you enjoy them, too – I get up and get moving because I know someone else (important to me) is up and moving, too – let’s start the day!

You make me think. About lots of things – things that are silly, things that are inspirational, things that are depressing, things that I might not take the time to consider, if not for the fact that you said something, or did something, that made me pause, and think. I like it!

You make me laugh. When you confess quirky things you did, or express your interesting takes on life, love, and the world in general. I delight in you and the ways that you are human. Laughter is a good way to live life.

You make me respect. I respect the person I see that lives inside of you – the respect you have for others inspires me to offer to others often undeserved respect because they are human, too. You make me respect the me I can see reflected from you.

You make me appreciate myself. All the ways that I am: the things I enjoy, the things I will not do for all the right reasons, the ways I am strong, and the ways I look to your strength instead of depending on my own. I stand taller because of you.

You make me joyful. Sharing all sorts of things with you is a delight for the senses and the spirit. You are never boring, even when there is nothing special happening – it is still special. That is amazingly joyful!

You make me hope. What I thought I would never find, could never have, would never experience. You make it all seem not only possible, but incredibly enough, actually within reach. I hope.

You make me dream of all that could be. Of all that will be between us. Of all that life can offer us both.

Now, we get to see if I can make you, too.