619: Not today

Today, I won’t

I won’t slow down, give up

I won’t turn away, or find something else to do

Not today.

Today, this day

I can – I will – I did.


585: Cataclysm, possibly


Not about cats, who already understand

things that could be and aren’t….yet

are not worthy,

even though prudence (another human thing)

demands planning, storing up –

worry. No.

I refuse, because

sufficient unto this day are its concerns

and tomorrow, Scarlett,

is another day I have not yet been given.

I will love you today

and rest as I need.

I am not the leader of the free world or the enslaved one

and that was never my goal, anyhow.

Today I will love you.

The potential horrors of potential tomorrow

will just have to wait.

Today, I am too busy loving

to worry about what might happen tomorrow.

And anyhow, when tomorrow IS today,

there will still be love to give.

564:Tomorrow is another day, Miz Scarlett



See, I understand that not every day is a winner.

Today is not my best day, but it also isn’t my worst day.

So, that means it isn’t so bad, this today.

Still, it would be fabulous to have a winning day, where things go well and no huge issues raise their ugly heads, demanding attention and energy.

Just one.

Tomorrow……..is another opportunity.

Another chance to get it right.


528: Hope








We get today. Actually, we get less than today. We get right now, this moment, this breath. We only hope for the rest of today, and for tomorrow.

Yesterday can’t be changed. It can be forgiven. It can be atoned for. It can be reconciled, but it can’t be changed. Accept that fact or not, willing or unwilling, you cannot change it. So, right now, this moment, this breath: forgive. Atone for and reconcile if you are given tomorrow.

I deny myself so much when I resent, hold offense, keep anger fanned hot. If I ever hope to move safely into peace, health, life itself, this is something I must achieve. Giving up my right to resent. Giving up my right to be offended. Giving up my right to anger. Even when it hurt. Even then.

When I do not have the strength of mind and will to give it up on my own, I ask for help in giving it up, sincere in my desire to do it, but weak in my power to achieve it. And gently, or sometimes harshly, the help, the power, the strength, the courage, the willpower arrives to get the job done. To surrender. It takes great bravery to surrender, and move to what is better, rather than cling stubbornly to what is not.

But it’s worth it. Every time.  Even when it hurts.

6 Yesterday, today, tomorrow

My yesterdays are dead and gone except for my memories. Some of those are sweet, and some of those are bitter. I choose to learn from the bitter ones, and cherish fondly the sweet ones. What else can you do with memories besides learn from the not-so-good ones, and remember the good ones?

My today is FAR too busy with demands from work and home. I am not someone who has learned how to settle and relax, and that is a goal that I work towards each and every busy, overcommitted, exhausting day. Who wants to live their life being too busy to relax? That was NEVER my goal for living, and I am actively seeking the remedy to overcommitment. The problem is that most of the business is patently my own fault. I am learning to slow down and enjoy the simple things. Really. I am, I swear.

My tomorrows are filled with explorations and travel to see new places and things. I want to have time to spend with a good book, stretched out beside the pool, and time to walk arouond the markets, “just looking.” That is relaxation for me, seeing the sights, enjoying a walk, reading a good book with a warm and purring kitty person comfortably settled in my lap, watching a movie with popcorn and a cup of hot chocolate milk. YUM. Maybe that would be an excellent “practice” idea for this very evening!