587: To be….is to act as if


I am.

You are.

We act as if we are.


I can’t help it if some people (using that term loosely, mind you) act as if they are not. I am not responsible for people who deliberately choose to be less. It isn’t because of me, or because of how I voted, or any other reason than the true one – they CHOSE.

I can’t help that, but I can condemn it, and we as a group can prosecute and punish it, and so we should.

While the rest of us act as if….we ARE…..human BEings.


358: Empathy

I understand that you empathize with my situation.

I doubt, however, that you comprehend the depths of my rage and despair –

as I suck it up one more day

watching the most precious symbol of freedom on this Earth slowly sink

beneath the filthy trampling feet of greed and power.

I know you care, like you know I care.

I just don’t think you are quite

as pissed off as I am.

There are things I know I can’t change, and

things I am trying mightily to change, and

things that MUST change, and

I’m not sure any of that CHANGE is ever gonna happen.

What I do know is that the change I was promised

is damn sure not the change I got –

which I suspected when I heard the promises,

and voted for the guy who didn’t win…twice.

Change…yeah, right.