512: Top 10 Review of Lord of the Flies, by William Golding


Top Ten Review of Lord of the Flies by William Golding

Number 10 – There are no women in this book

Number 9 – We learn you can start a fire with your spectacles. Yeah, we watched Survivor.

Number 8 – They are obsessed with pigs.

Number 7 – We learn that dancing will make you a savage – which explains why Baptists don’t allow it.

Number 6 – They set fire to the island….twice.

Number 5 – You can worship anything….literally anything.

Number 4 – A private place all to yourself is very, very valuable.

Number 3 – They are on an island, and nobody thinks to fish for food.

Number 2 – We learn that a diet of fruit will upset your stomach….duh.

And, finally number ONE: We are shown that boys are total animals, which girls already knew.


499: Inevitable

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You are the man.

The drive, the force, the strength.

I am the woman.

The receptacle, the pliable, the resilient.

You are mine

in the way that I am yours.

We blend


What I am complements what you are.

What you need, I seek to supply.

What I need, you supply.

We feed each other

in a daily dance of respect and honor.

You lead me to the great I Am.

I lead you to the well.

We share, each other.

We share, worship.

We share, sacrament.

We share.

44: Archaeology

Archaeologists dig into the trash of centuries and make assumptions about the people who once lived there by what they find in the trash piles, in the ruins of their homes, in their abandoned cities. What will future archaeologists think about us?

You already know when they find something they cannot explain easily, it always has a “religious” significance. Think for a moment with me about our modern homes. In nearly every modern home, rich or poor, there is one room bigger than the others that has places for people to sit, and furniture for that purpose. Usually, that furniture is arranged so that every person seated in that biggest room can easily see…..what object? All the chairs and sofas face what? The TV. Are future archaeologists going to conclude that each of us has a worship center in our homes, and that black box transmits our religion to us all individually, in our homes?

Come to think of it, how far wrong would they actually be in making that assumption?