347: Give Me a Freakin’ Break

Some people simply adore Christmas and everything that comes with it: presents, decorations, festive trees, special music of the season, family, shopping, food galore, traveling, snow and ice, cold weather sports, football championship games, time off from school and work, and on and on…..

If Christmas is a time of year that floats your boat, well and good for you. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a full-fledged Scrooge, yelling BAH, HUMBUG at everybody who wishes me Happy Holidays, Season’s Greetings or even Merry Christmas (my personal choice). Still, like sex, I prefer a much more private and intimate Christmas than the big show and tell that it has become in modern times, and that analogy is true of the sex, too – it does not have to happen in front of God and everybody – and their third cousin twice-removed. By the way, being Southern USA born and bred, I actually know who IS my third cousin, twice-removed (we cut our teeth on obscure family relationships).

However, back to Christmas: I don’t like all the public-ness of Christmas. I abhor staff Christmas parties. I don’t like all the obsessive socializing, especially with people who are not fairly close family (third cousins twice-removed notwithstanding). It isn’t that I don’t wish everyone well – I do, but still – I don’t want to see everybody in the whole wide world, either! I want a little more peace and quiet, a little more rest and relaxation, a little more thought and consideration. And I don’t need everybody’s help with that….just a few of the most precious people will do nicely, thank you!

Merry Christmas!






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