517: Want Me?


I have lived long enough to learn my value and worth.

If you don’t want me, good enough.

I’ve never been so needy to try and keep something not interested in having me around.

I’m darn sure not starting that crap now.



516: Itchy Panama



It’s winter here in Panana,

Where the sultry breezes blow

Scorching hot, oven air

That makes the sweat drip so.


The hills are all on fire

With flame and smoke and soot

The char floats down into the pool

And all over you, to boot.


The mosquitos and the chitras

Bit hard and fast and strong

And only the itching lets you know

They’ve come, and bit, and gone.

515: Abhor


To be disgusted with; to strongly dislike; to regard with extreme repugnance or aversion; detest utterly; loathe; abominate. Pretty strong words.

I abhor people who do not have consideration for other people. Their words, their opinions, their beliefs, even their EXISTENCE. The conundrum to that is that people who take that lack of consideration for others to the point of killing others need themselves to be killed (to stop them from doing what they have demonstrated they are willing and able to do), forcing those of us who do not wish to harm others to commit harm to them.

I abhor irony.

514: Icarus

Desire, heat, bright and beckoning,

my goal, my paradise, my home.

Striving, straining, struggling, reaching:

faltering, failing, falling –

pain and destruction. Anger.

Bitter ashes.

Time and healing, forgiveness.

Resurrection of hope – looking skywards once more.

New wings; better, stronger than before.

New hope, and new desire; better, stronger than before.

Flying ever higher, higher, higher…………

Touching the face of God.


I made it




513: Reviewing HR


Today, I am re-evaluating human resources.

I am the CEO of my life.

I am entirely in charge of who is in it.

Some people I want to invest more of my time into, because they are so worth it.

And some people I want to see considerably less of, because they are so NOT.

Since I am CEO, I am in charge of HR.

Making positive changes for the bottom line – today.

512: Top 10 Review of Lord of the Flies, by William Golding


Top Ten Review of Lord of the Flies by William Golding

Number 10 – There are no women in this book

Number 9 – We learn you can start a fire with your spectacles. Yeah, we watched Survivor.

Number 8 – They are obsessed with pigs.

Number 7 – We learn that dancing will make you a savage – which explains why Baptists don’t allow it.

Number 6 – They set fire to the island….twice.

Number 5 – You can worship anything….literally anything.

Number 4 – A private place all to yourself is very, very valuable.

Number 3 – They are on an island, and nobody thinks to fish for food.

Number 2 – We learn that a diet of fruit will upset your stomach….duh.

And, finally number ONE: We are shown that boys are total animals, which girls already knew.