559: Dissection


Too many people live in this body

all of them with different temperaments,

different interests, different desires, different idioms.

Several of them sound nothing like the others

and there are a few I don’t like.

Some of them I’d like to stop and stay forever.

I am learning how to tempt those to hang around,

because I like them the best.


558: January Audition


Hubs and I went (for the second time) to audition for a local community theater production. What play? Does that matter? Hmmmm……

It was the second time because we had word of the date and time of the scheduled auditions, and went on Tuesday – to find a dark theater, with no humans in sight. So, we called to verify that things had not been called off or rescheduled, or we just made a mistake, and when we finally got a call back, the director made a special effort to include us and told us we could come privately and deliver our minute monologue (and fill out contact paperwork). So we went.

My monologue is about being a schoolteacher in January. Since I got some laughs, I will reproduce it here for you to judge for yourself:

NINE MORE DAYS. It is NINE more days until the end of January – and January has THIRTY-ONE DAYS. Normally, getting to the end of the month is not an issue, even though I am a schoolteacher who gets paid only once a month, on the last working day of the month. But January is a special case, and has been a special case for every one of the twenty-six years that I have been a schoolteacher. You’d think after all that experience, it would get easier, but NO. I actually think is gets exponentially more difficult with added experience.

See – the last paycheck came at the end of teaching in December – about the middle of the month. Then there was Christmas – a money-sucking time if ever there was one, and THEN, there is New Year’s – ditto. And those happen in the first two weeks. After that, there are four weeks – thirty-one days – of sheer endurance.

We are talking peanut butter and crackers, searching in the couch cushions and under the car seats for loose change to buy gas….that sort of thing. ┬áIt would be different if there was a way to earn extra money, but unfortunately, nobody, but nobody wants to see me naked, so it just isn’t happening. *sigh*

557: Community Theater

My new hubs (still bright and shiny after six months) and I are in a community theater play tonight and tomorrow night. It is a reader’s theater, which means we cheat and don’t actually memorize our lines, we read them, in full costume, instead. Sort of like beginner’s theater, or theater for us forgetful old folks.

I like the opportunity to participate in something fun with others who are like-minded. It’s why I like to visit new countries as part of a tour group: you get the experience of not only the location, but the group as well. Usually, being part of the group makes the experience more fun, and it is nice when in a new place to know if something happens, you are not alone to have to deal with it. Plus, expensive surprises are usually absent, too – a real bonus of traveling with a group.

This play is a committee meeting: a group of church ladies planning a church function. Except that I am the only actual lady – the other ‘ladies’ are all men, and every single one has a beard, goatee, or at least a mustache. I will fit right in……..