604: Slavery in modern times


Not all Civil War monuments celebrate slavery – many memorialize the Americans who served and died, whose relatives raised the money to erect a memorial in their honor, as a remembrance of lives lost in armed conflict. There is nothing stopping others (whose views and memories are different) from raising the funds and erecting new memorials that reflect their differing views. There is room to coexist.

I come from that part of the USA that has a unique history. We are the only American citizens to suffer defeat in armed combat – if you don’t count the recent military “actions” that were never rightfully called a war, even though Americans also fought and died there in armed conflict, too.

Georgia (and her Confederate sisters) was defeated. Yankees still to this day call what we did in those times as “treason,” although no Southerner calls what we did (honorably seceding from the federal union), treason. Many southerners fought that war for state’s rights, since many (most) southerners were not wealthy enough to even own slaves – what we are continually told (lectured) was the sole cause of that conflict. If the North thought the South committed treason when they seceded, perhaps freeing the slaves was not the sole reason they fought, either. Especially considering that when they freed the slaves, they did not promote them to equal status even in their own self-righteous northern homelands. Even into the 1960’s, a white boarding house owner in Green Bay, Wisconsin (among other northern states) was not allowed, by law, to rent a room to a colored man, even if he *was* a team member of the Green Bay Packers that they were all ostensibly so proud of.

My Wisconsin-born husband tells me gleefully about when the other sports fans disdainfully referred to his Green Bay Packer fans as “cheeseheads,” and how they  took that slur and made it a point of pride for the Packer nation. And he completely and willfully ignores how the term “Rebel” came to be a point of pride for oppressed Southerners during the very long years of Reconstruction that the entire region suffered under the hands of rapacious Yankees and the low-life Southern-born who sucked up to them, and who should have been raised better. Blacks like to claim that the repercussions of slavery still resonate today – and that, to a large extent, is still true for Southern people of whatever skin color.

LEGAL slavery ended in the USA as a result of the defeat of the Confederacy – and states’ rights died there, too. Slavery in modern times is primarily economic (overlooking the recent horrific actions of the Islamic State). Modern slaves are those people who, through economic need, are forced to submit to providing their labor for less than a living wage. I’ve been hearing a lot (from liberals, primarily) about how illegal aliens are beneficial to the USA economy and their illegal status should be overlooked and forgiven because they take the jobs no American citizen will take.

Well, DUH.

What do you think the South’s primary reason for importing forced labor (slaves) into the cotton and tobacco fields (labor-intensive cash crops) was, idjits? They were imported to perform necessary work that few free Americans would take, because the work was not worth the wages. That legal slavery wasn’t a whole lot different from the sharecropping that white and black Americans did, and it wasn’t much different from laying those railroad tracks across the West that the Asians did, and it wasn’t much different from the coal mining that the Irish immigrants and poor whites did. It was economic slavery. And now, in your enlightened liberal minds (ha!), you want to PROMOTE economic slavery for a whole new crop of human beings who happen to be primarily Hispanic.

Yeah right – we can be SOOOOOO proud of our self-righteous humanitarian progress in the USA, can’t we?


429: Liberals and Lunch

Liberals have an agenda. They earnestly believe that they know best, and seek to impose that higher, nobler ideology on all of us lesser beings using every trick in the book: the courts, the culture, groundless, open attacks, their lapdog media sycophants, etc. What makes them dangerous, instead of just laughable (which they also are) is the big liberal dollars backing them up and their own earnest, sincere belief that they do know better than I do how to live my own life, and what I should be doing, saying, and thinking, as opposed to what I am doing, saying, and thinking.

Our revered leader (tarnished somewhat, but nevertheless inviolate enough that there is STILL no move on to impeach his useless ass) has a wife. This woman (according to most media resources, although some present a convincing case on Michelle/Michael being a trannie) has decided that America is obese, and she has used her husband’s executive orders to force schools to adopt an extremely restrictive school lunch program designed to get every public school child in America to lose a few. By law. Because, of course, she knows best.

Let’s just politely ignore the fact that Michelle “wide load,” all-about-dat-bass Obama is packing a rump that would make Sir Mix-A-Lot’s anaconda stand to attention, and agree that some American children are obese, but that under no circumstances whatsoever are all of them. And all of them get to suffer under Michelle’s new rules, not just those who could use an extra period of Phys. Ed.

Plus, in many parts of America – and more and more parts under her husband’s administration – the food a child gets at public school, government-subsidized lunch (now that the number of Welfare and food stamp families has skyrocketed) is sometimes pretty much all they get all day. What we see actual photos of what passes for a school lunch under Michelle’s reign leaves one to wonder if she is using the savings on purchasing food for schoolchildren to finance her family’s numerous personal vacations. Hey, the money has to come from SOMEwhere, and it is perfectly obvious they ain’t buying food with it for America’s kids.



387: Misdirection, Diversion, Bait-and-switch, Spin

I ran across a video slamming people who say that immigrants are sinking the country (you pick whichever country you like). For starters, every country has immigrants, except for those actively involved in a war, and even then, they get mercenaries. Immigration is the influx of people who are migrating to try and improve their lives. Any geography or history textbook will tell you about this topic, and the causes of it. People migrate due to environmental factors (drought and famine), war, medical reasons (plagues come to mind), for financial reasons (government implosion and mass inflation), and for political reasons (Barack Obama got elected – TWICE).  That last reason is why I migrated from the USA.

What I see from the news coming out of America is that they are masters of diversionary tactics, these Obama-drones, as are most other liberal policy followers. You have to be a master of spin to keep believing in failed liberal policies, now, don’t you? Especially to keep promoting said failed liberal policies to inexperienced new generations of people who also believe they know better than anyone else, and therefore, should be running the world. That’s why we call it young AND STUPID. That problem is usually fixed with time and experience.

This particular video: http://www.upworthy.com/next-time-someone-tells-you-that-immigrants-are-destroying-our-country-show-them-this?c=reccon1, goes into exquisite detail about how immigrants are not destroying the nation. Guess what? This nation was founded upon immigrants. Period. Of course immigrants are not the problem.  Immigrants are not the problem.

The problem with immigrants, any sort of immigrants, is not the ones who come legally into a country and work, start a business, raise a family, attend school, pay taxes, employ people. The problem is the ones who don’t do it legally, and the politicians who cater to a segment of the population that are not citizens of the nation they were elected to serve.

This sort of video does not address the problem with immigrants. Legal immigrants have the right. The problem with immigrants is that illegal ones, breaking the law, ALSO have the rights – and should not have.


365: Getting rid of a corrupt government in the USA

First of all, I cannot believe that it is possible to actually HAVE that statement as a title.  Sheesh, people.

Second, I believe that our innate pride in our country, and our respect for it, is what has prevented the citizens who are angry and pissed-off (and ON, for that matter), from rising up and revolting. Americans follow the law. That is why we unbelievingly, but peacefully,  handed the reins of government over to an inept, useless, do-nothing, no-good excuse for a Presidential candidate when it was announced that the liberals in the inner cities of several key states had actually managed to elect his sorry ass.

And the information about the extreme voter fraud that occurred to get him elected the second time aside, he was elected, and we let the majority of Americans have their say and watched the DemocRATic ass be sworn in for a second term, in spite of knowing full well it was going to be a disaster. Disaster is a relative term, and disaster is getting exponentially worse. What heinous act will this bozo have to commit before Americans overcome their innate  respect for the law and forcefully demand that this idiot be impeached before there is no country left – worthy of respect or NOT??

He is literally the joke of the world, and has been for quite some time – and not just of the civilized world. I hear even Kenya is refusing to claim him as a natural-born citizen lately. No wonder – it is as if he is on a PLAN to destroy not only himself, but America along with him.

You know, when progressive ideas are making things worse and worse, WHEN do liberals finally wake up and admit that their modern policies are complete and total FAILURES? When do they return to tried and true tactics that actually WORK to bring about some CHANGE that isn’t another unmitigated disaster?

I begin to understand all those Central and South American countries that have coups every other week – if their dudes were as hopelessly inept and corrupt as ours are, it is the only way………………………

Is somebody going to have to sacrifice themselves and assassinate him, before he can be stopped? And what about the power players who put this “post turtle” into office and gave him the keys to the kingdom? Will they all have to be assassinated, too?

359: Opinion? Everybody’s Got One…..

…and, like most assholes, they are usually full of shit. Yeah, I know the old joke – that really isn’t a joke. It does appear that most people today ardently believe that other people’s opinions (read: other people’s opposing opinions that don’t agree, lock-step, with mine) are full of shit. Scatology aside, it is fair to say that some people are pretty crappy, and you would expect that their opinions would naturally follow suit.

Still, just because someone does not agree with your view of the world and the rightness of things in general does not, ipso facto, make them shit-carriers. It is possible *gasp* that they could actually have the right of things and YOU are the stinky one.


I commented on Facebook lately to a former student, now grown into independent adulthood quite well, thank you, that he was flogging a dead horse by trying to convince a liberal DemocRAT to change their opinions by presenting them with facts and logic. Liberals recognize nothing that is not on their previously conceived and accepted agenda – all facts to the contrary. They call you ugly names for even trying. And the worst part of it is that they are very, very similar to radical Muslims.

Don’t throw rocks at me. I know Muslims who are decent, hardworking family-oriented people. In fact, praise God, I don’t actually know any Muslims who are not reasonable, rational people, but I read about them all the time in the news, unfortunately, so I do know that not all Muslims are the sort I know. And liberal DemocRATS are like the WORST sort of Muslims. They are rabid about their agenda like fanatical Muslims are about any imagined slur towards the Koran or the prophet Mohammed – and behead all unbelievers.

Notice how violently, aggressively and rabidly the liberals and their complicit cronies, the liberal-oriented press, attack and vilify anyone who has any criticism whatsoever of officially accepted liberal policies or leaders – or who has anything to say in support of what used to be thought of as traditional American values. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!! This is fanaticism of the worst sort – that refuses to believe that the opinions (morals, values, ethics whattheheckeveryacall it) of others have any validity at all…not even based on the right to be human and think for oneself. Heck no – behead the unbelievers!!

It is tough enough thinking for yourself without someone who supposedly believes in the sacredness of the individual berating you for doing it. Stand your ground, and persist. Be the boulder in a liberal’s path, and make them GO AROUND. You are important, and so are your opinions…articulated aloud or not.



357: Believing the Facts

First, let’s consider that word: FACTS. We all remember facts from school. They were inarguable things, like 2 + 2 = 4, unless you are working with Singapore math, a current educational fad that makes absolutely no rational or logical sense AT ALL, and which proves {sic} that 2 + 2 = 27.328. I refer to Singapore math as Democratic math, for reasons I will elucidate.

Facts in school were mostly easily identifiable. In the grownup world, facts are very, very fluid. Just look at liberal Democratic facts. I’m not choosey, you pick any fact you like from their arsenal. See what I mean? Their facts are fluid….like sewage is fluid. Anytime you are considering vast, complex problems such as social ills, or vast economic impacts, or the impacts of a particular piece of legislation on the citizenry…things get really murky. Facts become whatever you choose to believe…and lots of people are choosing to believe whatever their agenda was in the first place, completely and totally ignoring evidence to the contrary….and I do mean ALL EVIDENCE to the contrary of their pre-chosen agenda.

I am not a member of any political party, because both of the reigning (deliberate choice of words) parties in America are guilty of un-American actions. Americans used to have a code they lived by. Many Americans still live by a moral and ethical code that the reigning politicians in the country have never, ever heard of – and they are not listening, either. They are too busy buying the votes of those holding their hands out for free cash – legal and illegal. It used to be that Americans were ashamed to take charity, and worked very hard to get off the dole if they ever found themselves reduced to taking charity, and man alive THOSE days are OVER. Shame is a totally foreign concept to these leeches. Don’t get your panties in a wad – I know full well that there are deserving people on government assistance who need help. But I also know darn good and well that many, many, many others are getting help they do not deserve, don’t need, and are shameless about taking.

I saw them every time I went in the grocery store and was standing in the checkout line with my small basket of groceries that I could pay for, behind somebody with two overflowing carts full of things I could not afford to buy, who was paying with food stamps, and asking if they could trade some of the stamps for cash, because cigarettes and alcohol were not eligible for purchase using them. I watched them with their cell phones (newer and more expensive models than my basic, not-even-a camera-phone), with their fake two-inch-long acrylic nails that require weekly touch-ups, and their fancy salon hairdos. That does not even begin to include their multiple, multiple children, or their nice car, or their expensive clothes, shoes or accessories. NOBODY was handicapped, because there was no handicapped parking going on. Don’t get your panties in a wad – I know not all handicaps are visible. If that had been the one example, I’d agree. But seeing this sort of thing week after week after week, with only minor variations, sets in your mind the definite suspicion that something is rotten in Welfare. And it didn’t matter which grocery store you went in, either, in which state…there they were.

Government assistance pays very, very well – apparently.

That’s only one example. Have you gotten your new healthcare information since Obamacare is enabled? Like the changes? Is this the CHANGE you were hoping for when you voted for his sorry ass not once, but twice? Thinking maybe that things were not so bad under the previous administration? Thinking maybe we do need a CHANGE from the current one? Praying you don’t get sick? Welcome to the club of wiser but poorer.

At the end of the day, people judge a president by the impact the policies he’s responsible for make upon them personally. I hope that those who voted for the rat now in power soon realize the smoke and mirrors they voted for was fluid…of the sewage sort.

105: Ducks

There are some people who I envy at times. They are the ones who are able to take setbacks in stride, and in that respect, they are rather like ducks – whatever nastiness there is out there just rolls off their backs, like oil and water: nothing sticks.

I just don’t seem to be able to handle failure like that. I’d love for mistakes I’ve made not to torture me for days, but they DO. You’d think I’d learn and just withdraw from interaction that causes trouble, and occasionally I do that, when the cost is just too great. But, you know what? I have opinions, values and morals, too, and some people do a pretty good job of trampling all over all three.

There are various ways of dealing with these people. First, I can answer them back. This has proven to be of little use, because they certainly don’t appear to even consider anyone else’s point of view, and they aren’t changing their behavior or their attitudes as a result. And, besides, I get tired of defending my point of view. It is tough being conservative, Christian, American and Southern as an expatriate. Everyone appears to be Northern, Yankee, agnostic/atheist and a raving liberal. Take my word for it – we don’t see eye-to-eye.

Second, as a method of dealing with them and maintaining my own peace of mind, I can “unfriend” them and check the little boxes that don’t let their posts show up on my screen. Plus, I can decline invitations to events where we will be in proximity. I would not want to offend anyone by the way I smell. Since I consider that some of their opinions smell, I am fairly certain that sentiment is returned.

Life is much more peaceful when I am not having to point out that not everyone in the world does it the way that you do, and that there are other points of view besides your own. Things are much better now, and I don’t miss a thing!