602: Stubborn

I understand that things can get difficult. Even when they are first world problems (which means they are issues of privilege), they are still problems. True, mine are generally insignificant ones, compared to life and death problems that many people the world over are struggling with each and every day, that is quite true. But they are still problems, even if they are insignificant ones (when viewed through that realistic lens).  Let’s be real, nobody is holding a gun to my head, literally (even if I sometimes feel like that figuratively). I still have choices (even when it feels like I don’t).

Understanding that most of my problems are small ones (nothing life or death, here!) SHOULD make it somewhat easier to suck it up, buttercup – and MOVE ON. *sigh*

Time to find my inner stubborn, and kick that ass into gear.





595: Different Views


Lots of people like to claim fact to support their opinion, and that is generally a good thing – having factual support for the opinion that you hold. It does not, however, mean that your opinion is correct because you have a fact (or several) to cite.

Facts are data. Your opinion is your interpretation of how that fact came into being (cause), your opinion on how that fact has applied (effect) to the situation, and your opinion on how best to ameliorate that fact or situation you think it applies to (solution). Once you state your fact, everything else you spout is opinion. Understand that truth. Even if you have historical precedent that your opinion worked out one way in the past, it does not always mean that it will work out that way now, in the present.

Two people can see the same fact and interpret it widely differently based on the filters, experience, education, and logic they bring with them to interpret those facts, which they use to form their opinions.

Therein lies the rub, particularly when the issues that are being discussed are political ones, or social issues. Those are not simple issues, in part because they affect people of widely differing values, cultures, and circumstances. A solution that works for one segment of the population disenfranchises other segments – a truth that continually evades lawmakers.

I am apparently among the very small minority of people who can respect someone whose opinion differs from mine. I still do not think they are correct, but I can respect that they have some basis for their opinion in fact – exactly like I do. Even when I think they are completely wrong, and they have no basis in fact that I can determine, they are still a human being entitled to their opinion – exactly like I am. YES, it is best if opinions can be formed with factual bases, but understand even when they ARE, we can still legitimately differ in our opinions.

And *I* can respect that.


564:Tomorrow is another day, Miz Scarlett



See, I understand that not every day is a winner.

Today is not my best day, but it also isn’t my worst day.

So, that means it isn’t so bad, this today.

Still, it would be fabulous to have a winning day, where things go well and no huge issues raise their ugly heads, demanding attention and energy.

Just one.

Tomorrow……..is another opportunity.

Another chance to get it right.


394: Mom-isms

I was one of those who SWORE that when I became a parent, I was NOT going to be like my mom and dad. And then, somewhere after child number one, or was it child number 2? I opened my mouth and my mom fell out of it. I have been guilty of a lot of the traditional, time-honored, respected (and disrespected) mom-isms. Reference: http://www.happyworker.com/magazine/fun/mom-wisdom#.U4yk4vldXT8[/


EXCEPT for that one. Frankly, there are bigger issues in parenting than clean underwear – or underwear at all, for that matter. You learn as a parent to choose your battles. Once chosen, you need to win, but you need to choose which ones are worth fighting for and which ones just don’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

In the difficult struggle to socialize and raise a decent human being, clothing is necessary, unfortunately. MODEST clothing is preferable. So is clean clothing – usually, but not always. I am perfectly willing to settle for clothing that does not make you look like a two-dollar hooker (or gigolo). That’s about it. As long as the essentials are decently covered, and stuff is not see-through to the point that it might as well not be there, OK.  AND, if others on the street make advances based on dress – it is obviously time to reevaluate either the dress or the person doing the come-ons. Let’s face it, even Catholic nuns are not immune to SOME people.


387: Misdirection, Diversion, Bait-and-switch, Spin

I ran across a video slamming people who say that immigrants are sinking the country (you pick whichever country you like). For starters, every country has immigrants, except for those actively involved in a war, and even then, they get mercenaries. Immigration is the influx of people who are migrating to try and improve their lives. Any geography or history textbook will tell you about this topic, and the causes of it. People migrate due to environmental factors (drought and famine), war, medical reasons (plagues come to mind), for financial reasons (government implosion and mass inflation), and for political reasons (Barack Obama got elected – TWICE).  That last reason is why I migrated from the USA.

What I see from the news coming out of America is that they are masters of diversionary tactics, these Obama-drones, as are most other liberal policy followers. You have to be a master of spin to keep believing in failed liberal policies, now, don’t you? Especially to keep promoting said failed liberal policies to inexperienced new generations of people who also believe they know better than anyone else, and therefore, should be running the world. That’s why we call it young AND STUPID. That problem is usually fixed with time and experience.

This particular video: http://www.upworthy.com/next-time-someone-tells-you-that-immigrants-are-destroying-our-country-show-them-this?c=reccon1, goes into exquisite detail about how immigrants are not destroying the nation. Guess what? This nation was founded upon immigrants. Period. Of course immigrants are not the problem.  Immigrants are not the problem.

The problem with immigrants, any sort of immigrants, is not the ones who come legally into a country and work, start a business, raise a family, attend school, pay taxes, employ people. The problem is the ones who don’t do it legally, and the politicians who cater to a segment of the population that are not citizens of the nation they were elected to serve.

This sort of video does not address the problem with immigrants. Legal immigrants have the right. The problem with immigrants is that illegal ones, breaking the law, ALSO have the rights – and should not have.


261: To All Parents From a Teacher (and a parent, too!)

I am a teacher. For over twenty years, I have been performing this job. It is a calling, yes, but it is also a job. I have learned that usually, not always, mind you, but usually it happens that when I am having trouble with a youngster in class and schedule a conference with their parents, that about 10 to 15 minutes into that meeting, I have to restrain myself from saying, “Excuse me, but this conference is now over. Now that I have met you, I understand exactly why I am having so much trouble with your child.”

Notice I said restrain myself, because that phrase is not one that is particularly recommended, although it is often true. It only makes sense, and it is not meant to be hateful or sarcastic, but instead to be a genuine reflection of the truth.

My child is of my genetic make up. My child is raised in my home, with the other half of his/her genetic make up (at least in my family). There are issues that I, as an adult, still struggle with for myself. There are issues that my spouse, this child’s other parent, still struggles with as an adult – most other adults I know have the same report to make about themselves, as I know very, very few perfect people. SO – here is the clincher: How am I supposed to mold and teach my child to overcome the issues that I, myself as an adult, am still struggling over?????? If I am still trying to overcome this issue myself, how is it that I am supposed to help guide my child to overcome it, too??? This is only logical!!

This is why parents and teachers are a TEAM to help educate and socialize a child. I hope that my child’s teachers might HAVE conquered the issues I struggle with, and can act as a role model for my children in the areas I am weak on. Perhaps they can learn from the teacher what I am not good at teaching them myself – at least I hope so!

124: Relocating

I have a problem. I need to sort out my priorities, and I need to do this fairly quickly. I have a job here at my present school for the next two years. I know this because I just signed a two-year contract. My husband really likes this country, and we have made plans to retire here, start a retirement business, and live out what remains of our lives here. Hokey Dokey.

Just one problem I have discovered. I keep looking at job announcements for other places in the world – and I apply for them. This indicates a rather significant division between what I think I want to do , and what I apparently want to do. I want to go somewhere else. NOT sure why, but if I was completely content here, surely I would not be combing the lists for another job is a place far, far away from here. Would I? Of course not – I would be making better use of my time than searching for another job in another place. Period.

So WTF is going on? Apparently I am not as content here as I thought I was. Now, assuredly, the administration of the school where I am (the University administration, not the local school administration) is pretty crappy, but hey – I have never yet had a perfect job, ANYWHERE. So, they are tolerable (barely) and the job is not bad at all. Small class sizes, decent kids, for the most part (kids are kids, and are the same nearly everywhere). There are several smaller issues, but that is just life, darn it , and not a reason to do or not to do something as important as leaving, and relocating to another part of the world.

I can do this, I can do this, I can do this. I just have to figure this out. What do I really want to do?? And WHY do I really want to do it? Is there some significant issue that I am not seeing, or not admitting to myself? What’s up??